Уроки плавания от кинокомедии Фокус Фильм

Swimming lessons

The shooting of the new 4-episodes TV feature film which is called “Contused or Freestyle Swimming Lessons” is in the progress.
In the lyrical comedy about domestic heroism and its consequences, the star cast is involved: Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Yuri Stoyanov, Dmitry Nagiyev, Mikhail Efremov, Andrey Rudensky, Maria Berseneva and other great actors.
The screenplay was written by one of the most recognized and sought-after Russian screen writers Alexey Timm , the author of a number of outstanding works - from the legendary musical “The Star and the Death of Joaquin Muretiet”, where he co-wrote the script, to the successful series “Next” with the sequels.

The project director is Vladimir Zaikin from St. Petersburg, known to the viewer as the author of the beloved films “Love of Evil ...”, “To whom God Will Send” and the TV series “We Will Live, We Will See.”