Big Oil - documentary

Big Oil - documentary

“They worked on a forty-degree frost, lived in trailers on islands cut down in the ocean of taiga, ate canned food and were themselves food for mosquitoes. The oil they pumped out of the ground was often sold for next to nothing. And here they paid for it with their youth, health, and full energy, to the last, frozen drop of sweat.” The documentary-publicistic film by Andrei Dobrov and Alexander Zamyslov tells the story of the history of oil production in Russia from the appearance of the first rig to the present day. Exploration expeditions, the construction of the first oil pipeline, the heroic enthusiasm of the Soviet oil industry workers, cold and hot wars, the global crisis of the 90s, the problems of world macroeconomics. Well-known analysts, political scientists, economists, cultural figures talk about the role of "black gold" in big politics, the past and the future of Russia, its natural resources.

Screenwriter: Andrey Dobrov

Director: Alexander Zamyslov
Cinematographer: Alexey Petrov, Andrey Gluhov

Producers: Natalya Serova

Genre: Documentary
Format: Documentary-publicistic film
Volume: 52 minutes
Year: 2009

Cast: N. Mihalkov, M. Leontyev, M. Trutnev, L. Shebarshin

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