Nemesis - serial


Champion of shooting, Aleksandra Samorodova, neutralizes the suicide bomber. After that Sasha is as if she is under the spell of fate: her parents are tragically dying, a sports career is ended, the girl is hooked by terrorists and she is entangled in a net of lies and betrayal. Sasha has to reveal who plays against her and she must refuse to be tempted to take revenge. She will be helped by investigator for particularly important cases Rakitin and Kostya who is her childhood friend and genuinely in love with her. It depends on them whether the suicide cell will be able to carry out a grand act of terrorism.

Story by: Yuri Chernyakov
Screenwriter: Aleksey Kolmogorov

Director: Vladislav Nikolaev
Cinematographer: Vitaliy Abramov
Art Director: German Zaryankin

Composer: Maksim Koshevarov, Aleksandr Maev

Creative Producer: Julia Veykhman
Producers: JSC “Focus Film” Natalya Serova

Genre: Action, drama, thriller, detective
Format: Television feature film
Volume: 8 episodes, 52 minutes each
Year: 2018

Cast: Alyona Kolomina, Yuriy Chursin, Vladislav Vetrov, Grigoriy Zeltser, Kirill Ulyanov, Margarita Bychkova, Artyom Krylov, Artyom Grigoriev, Nadezhda Borisova, Olga Dibtseva, Dmitriy Smirnov

Poster # NAME # - Focus Movie
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